Review of the Absolute Memory Learning System
By Bert McBean, Oita University

As a professional English teacher with over 30 years of experience in Japan and as a learner of Japanese and Chinese, I was eager to check out the “絶対記憶” system. Memorizing words is the one of the most difficult aspects of learning foreign languages because within one day we usually forget over 70% of the new words. This “絶対記憶” system seems to be an effective tool to solve the memorization problem. By using this system—which inputs image, sound, and written word at the same time, at faster-than-normal speeds, into both sides of brain—the whole brain is activated. This helps the learner remember a greater number of words thoroughly, quickly, and with little memory loss.

I have checked other similar interactive learning systems on the market, but I haven’t seen a system like this one that combines brain science and learning. This “絶対記憶” system is so unique that when I used it for the first time, I thought it was amazing. I am not an expert on the brain, but as a teacher I do know the power of images. I once saw a TV program that compared the memories of young and old people to determine which group’s memories were better. As expected, at first, young people’s memories were better than old people’s when both groups memorized only words. Subsequently, after images were added with the words for the older group, all of them improved their memories drastically, and they did better than the young people who did not use images. It was impressive to see the older people’s faces filled with confidence and delight at their success.

This “絶対記憶” system was designed for use by Japanese, and as such is written in Japanese. However, it allows native speakers not only of Japanese but also of English, Chinese, or Korean to learn 6,000 words in Chinese, English, Japanese, or Korean. The user simply chooses his native language and his target language. The pictures themselves are pleasant to look at and give off a feeling of positive energy. In addition, the system’s soothing background nature sounds put the brain into a wave an alpha-wave state, which helps the learner relax and concentrate.

It is said that the brain’s capability is unlimited at any age. This means the more information we input into our brain at speeds higher than normal, the bigger the brain’s capacity can become. I believe the possibilities that this “絶対記憶” system offers for education are great. If it is used at schools from elementary to university, as well as at home, children can surely memorize more words, which would make their learning of foreign languages easier and faster. Even for older adults, the system would save a lot of energy and study time because activating the brain in such a way helps to improve memory and concentration. For older people, who might say, “I’m too old to learn this or that,” the “絶対記憶”system would be a wonderful present indeed.





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